The pattern reproduced for our Terrene design comes from a contemporary rug manufacturer, Floare Carpet, who craft their beautiful floor coverings in the Moldavian tradition.

Pictured here: Terrene endpaper information and design story

The earliest surviving Moldavian carpets can be dated to the end of the 18th century. By mixing ideals of beauty and harmony with folk mysticism and mythology, Moldavian craftspeople have elevated everyday carpets to works of spiritual expression.

Floare Carpet originally named this pattern “Medina,” and it comes from their classical collection of designs. The beautiful organic colouring makes it both unique and uncommon yet comforting and familiar all at once.

Pictured here: Terrene bookmark and grande, ultra, mini and midi hardcover journals

This season, Terrene is available as a grande, ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal as well as a bookmark.


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