What an exciting way to begin our 30th year!

After 30 years of producing Paperblanks, and 50 years in the publishing world, our founder Victor L. Marks has made the well-deserved decision to retire. And while this marks an end of an era here at Paperblanks, it also opens up exciting new doors.

We are pleased to announce that Paperblanks has officially been acquired by Hachette UK, the United Kingdom’s second largest publishing group. This is a natural next step for us, as Hachette UK’s mission to “make it easy for everyone, everywhere to unlock new worlds of ideas, learning, entertainment and opportunity” perfectly aligns with our desire to spark the imagination by offering a connection to artists and cultural movements from all eras and regions.

Says Richard Kitson, Deputy Group CEO of Hachette UK:

“This is an extremely exciting acquisition for Hachette… Our books and Paperblanks’ notebooks, journals and diaries complement each other, and we see great opportunity for further growth.”

Although this marks a significant change in our company name and leadership, it doesn’t change anything about the People of Paperblanks! We are excited to continue to nurture and grow our online community, and will continue to be here to empower individuality, inspire creativity and celebrate life’s special moments. We hope you’ll be a part of that future, and our next 30 years!

For more information on Hachette UK and this acquisition, check out our official press release here.


  1. I’ve enjoyed PaperBlanks journals (and other products) for years and hope that Hachette UK will continue to use the same paper that PaperBlanks has used. Your journals have had a wonderfully special place in my life and as part of a group of Canadian fountain pen enthusiasts, who also appreciate the way the paper behaves with fountain pen inks, not “just” the breathtaking covers, we hope that this essential combination of qualities continues. May the future of PaperBlanks be bright.

    • Thank you Mike!

      We are very excited for our future and the opportunities to grow hat Hachette UK will offer. And please rest assured there will be no change in the quality of the product or diversity of designs as we move into this new future. That is foundational to what makes Paperblanks Paperblanks 🙂

  2. Does this mean that the quality of Paperblanks products will fall, because every brand that succumbs to big business gradually becomes lower in quality to meet profit expectations? I am a longtime fan of Paperblanks and am sad that you have sold out. Where will I buy my notebooks from now?

    • Hi Nell,

      We’re sorry you feel that we’ve sold out. In fact, after 30 years our founders decided to retire (much deserved!) and we are thrilled that the Paperblanks brand will be able to continue with Hachette’s support. We are still the same Paperblanks you know and love, with the same quality and product teams in place – we just now have the opportunity to bring our products to even more people around the world. We hope you’ll still around and see what we come out with next!


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