May is here and with this new month we welcome the renaissance of our gardens and neighbourhoods, and as new life breaks through the ground we are reminded of the small marvels that bring us joy. At Paperblanks, nature has always been a source of inspiration – from the vibrant garden scenes on our Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes and Olena’s Garden designs to the timeless ethereal blossoms on our Poetry in Bloom cover.

Pictured here: Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes Guestbook, which also makes a wonderful sketchbook.

Whether you are drawing, writing or creating a mixed media work, here are some prompts to help you get inspired and let your creativity bloom (see what we did there?).

  • Write about a childhood memory in the garden.
  • Describe your dream garden.
  • Draw a bug parade.
  • Write about a field of daisies.
  • Draw your favourite flowers.
  • List the blossoms that bring you joy.
  • Make a plant wish list.
  • Draw a flowerpot that reminds you of your grandmother.
  • Create something using pressed flowers.
  • Write about the flowers that make you feel nostalgic.
  • Make a collage using empty seed envelopes.
Pictured here: Poetry in Bloom Dot Grid Planner.

Check out all our prompts on the Paperblanks app! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, we’ve provided links on the bottom right of this page where you can gain access to hundreds of prompts on varying themes and topics.

And be sure to join us in our People of Paperblanks Facebook group so you can share your work with the rest of the Paperblanks community. We’d love to see what you write or create using these prompts!

Pictured here: Olena’s Garden journals.


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