“Japanese people unconsciously experience the action of folding on a daily basis, and therefore encounter various folded forms. I think there must be a special meaning for Japanese people through this everyday practice of folding.

A particular charm occurs in the simplicity with which the expression appears, having never been touched by any tool. Only by folding one piece of paper can an expressive masterpiece be created.

This is the Japanese way of folding.”

– Yuko Nishimura

Artist Yuko Nishimura fuses origami and origata (Japanese gift wrapping) to create stunning works of 3D paper art.

Pictured here: Yuko-Ori Metallic Grey notebooks by Paper-Oh

In 2008, Paper-Oh designer Nadine Werner had the great opportunity to spend time with Ms. Nishimura. Out of this collaboration came the notebook series Yuko-Ori, which is inspired by the precision and expressiveness of Yuko Nishimura’s paper tessellations.

Our Paper-Oh team has tried to capture these transcendental properties of paper folding in each and every Yuko-Ori book.

Pictured here: Yuko-Ori Pearl White notebooks by Paper-Oh

Paper-Oh Yuko-Ori is available in two colours – Pearl White and Metallic Grey – in A5, A6, B6.5 and A7 formats (lined and unlined).


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