Prepare to be charmed! This season brings four delightful new designs to our popular Mila Marquis Collection: Spring Rainbow, Summer Butterflies, Autumn Apples and Fall Foliage.

Pictured here: Spring Rainbow and Summer Butterflies journals

Mila Marquis’s ethereal, joyous images are little bliss bombs for the spirit. Her art combines sparkling emotion and unashamedly sweet depictions of fairies, fawns and flowers that cajole even the heaviest spirits to soar. Mila uses a variety of media, including crayons, coloured pencils, gouache and acrylics, to create her small dreamscapes. 

Pictured here: Autumn Apples and Fall Foliage journals

When asked if her work is a reflection of her personality, Mila responds that she loves it when she is down and her art brings her back to her “sweetest dreams.” She is particularly happy when illustrations have a little twist in them and offer a glimpse at “the other side of the moon.”

There is vast delight to be found in even the smallest of Mila’s precious and joy-inducing details.

Other titles in our Mila Marquis Collection include Joyous Springtime, Poppy Field, Sweet Compassion and Valentina. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Mila!

Pictured here: Spring Rainbow journal, Valentina journal, Joyous Springtime dot-grid planner, Fall Foliage journal and Summer Butterflies journal


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