It’s no secret that our Paper-Oh designers are in love with the paper arts. From an Origata method of wrapping presents to multiple types of bone folders, they are always taking a look at new and innovative ways to work with paper. So, it should come as no surprise that there is a Paper-Oh notebook directly inspired by the art of paper folding.

Pictured here: Puro Plum on top of Puro Fuchsia (showing back cover pouch)

Paper-Oh Puro, a subtly shimmering collection of notebooks, was originally called “Scored” for one fairly obvious reason: the score lines springing from the bottom of the cover are the hallmark of this series. No matter the colour you choose, these lines are there to add movement to your notebook.

Pictured here: Puro Bronze and Puro Teal

Scoring with a bone folder is a foundational part of the book arts, but it’s far from boring. When Paper-Oh designer Nadine was in bookbinding school in Ascona, Switzerland, she learned a technique to score between card boards and it was this method that we used in creating the Puro design. In traditional bookbinding, scoring is a purely functional detail – you have to score along the spine so that you can actually open and use the book. But with Puro, our Paper-Oh team has turned this technical element into a piece of design. Talk about combining form and function!

From the shimmering covers to the subtle score lines, Paper-Oh Puro celebrates the sense of movement and life that is reflected by the best of the book arts.

Pictured here: Puro Gold and Puro Plum

Paper-Oh Puro is available in:

  • 5 different opalescent colours
  • A5, A6 and A7 size formats
  • Lined and unlined interiors
Pictured here: Puro Bronze notebook and flexi page marker (included)

Every Paper-Oh notebook has its own distinct character – just like you do! Find out which Paper-Oh you are by taking our playful personality quiz:


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