Thanks to Laurel Burch’s vibrant and joyful style, our collection of journals featuring her artwork has long been one of our most popular. So this season we are especially excited to be introducing two colourful new designs to our Laurel Burch Collection.

Pictured here: Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes hardcover journals (front and back covers)

Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes

Our new Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes design comes from one of Laurel’s favourite themes – Flutterbyes. Featuring dancing butterflies and flitting hummingbirds, this image echoes an uplifting poem written by Laurel, in which she urges us all to “pretend you have butterfly wings and use them!”

Available as: Hardcover journal and guest book

Pictured here: Jungle Song softcover Flexi notebooks (front and back cover)

Jungle Song

In our Jungle Song design, Laurel Burch’s original characters, foliage and other details have been adapted by a Japanese artisan to create a new watercolour painting. The artwork was created in order to adapt Laurel’s designs for screen printing. Repeated patterns from Laurel’s original works, including borders, backgrounds and animals, were selected to create an entirely new, seamless design in her unique style.

Available as: Softcover Flexi notebook

Pictured here: Jungle Song softcover Flexi notebook and Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes hardcover journal

What is your favourite Laurel Burch design of all time?


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