Sometimes at the Endpaper Blog we get the unique opportunity to offer a platform to creative journallers from around the world. We’ve recently partnered with Quynh Vu – a multitalented artist and bullet journaller who specializes in brush lettering and modern calligraphy. You may remember Quynh from her Instagram account @caliquynhletters or her previous hand lettering and planning tutorials here on the Endpaper Blog.

Today we’re excited to welcome Quynh back to the Endpaper Blog to share her advice for creating an inspiring gratitude log. Join Quynh as she walks us through the steps to create your very own gratitude log in your dot-grid planner.

Gratitude Log for Bullet Journal


  1. Paperblanks dot-grid planner
  2. Pencil
  3. Drawing pen
  4. Brush pen
  5. Favorite highlighter marker
  6. Special Paperblanks stencil
  7. Circle lid or stencil
Photo credit: Quynh Vu (Safavid dot-grid planner pictured here)

Gratitude is appreciation and recognition of the opportunity and experiences that you already have. During times of celebration and joy, it is easier to be happy and grateful. The ability to appreciate what you already have on a regular basis is an incredible skill to have when you encounter challenging situations. Gratitude is recognizing opportunity, when others see obstacles.

Reflection and appreciation of your current situation may not be a part of your daily routine. Below are ways you can create a personalized gratitude journal so that it can be a part of your ongoing self-reflection and creative expression.

Steps for Creating Your Gratitude Log

Step 1

Write “Gratitude” as the title in your favorite lettering style at the top of a blank page in your favorite notebook. You can add a few embellishments to make your gratitude log more personalized. I added a few flower doodles and some leaves to showcase the title.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 2

Think about when, during your day, you want to devote to reflection and gratitude. I enjoy doing this reflection at night right before I go to sleep.

Each Paperblanks dot-grid planner comes with a special Paperblanks stencil to help guide you if you want to add banners, arrows, dots, squares or other basic shapes to your gratitude log. I used it here to trace tiny circles to represent the torn edges of a spiral notebook doodle.

One of my favorite colors is an aqua blue. I used a highlighter marker to draw horizontal lines in my gratitude log. Having a dot-grid planner makes it easy to draw straight lines without a guide if needed.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 3

Make a new habit of being thankful by pairing this activity of logging your gratitude with an existing activity that you already do regularly each day. Begin your daily reflection by reading what your previous entries have been, to reexperience gratitude. If this is your first entry, look around and think about what brings you joy, laughter and smiles.

It can be as simple as enjoying the weather on a sunny day. It could be seeing a cute puppy on your daily walk. This process of being grateful will regularly remind you of the small things that bring you happiness. 

Again, this is trickier when you are having a rough day. If I make a mistake, I need to make the situation a learning experience to reflect on and to learn from. This powerful skill of seeing happiness and gratitude will change your perspective on life and situations that you encounter. Once you practice showing gratitude regularly, share the joy that it has brought you with your friends and family. Point out the opportunities and learnings in each situation. This optimistic outlook will allow you to look on the bright side and to give you an attitude that will drive future success and self-determination.

Gratitude Log Tutorial on Quynh’s YouTube Channel

Step 4

Pick out your favorite quote to put on the left-hand side of your page. You can start by creating a circle wreath by tracing a circle shape from a lid or other small circle template. Write your favorite quote inside this flower wreath.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu
Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Visit my previous flower wreath tutorial for ideas on how to draw a wreath to decorate your Paperblanks Dot Grid Planner. Making a beautiful gratitude log will bring you more enjoyment when you visit this page each day to log things that you currently appreciate and make you happy.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Instagram: @CaliQuynhLetters

YouTube: Quynh Vu

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