No longer limited to just streamlining grocery shopping or increasing productivity at work, lists help us organize our thoughts but can also be a quick and easy writing exercise to stay creative and inspired. Lists are a simple commitment and, as there’s no right or wrong way to make one, anything goes! Whether you are bullet-pointing your memories or creating the ultimate bucket list, jotting things down can shape ideas and move plans forward. 

Pictured here: Safavid dot-grid planner

To help you get started, here are some list-making prompts:

  1. My favourite things to do on a sunny day
  2. My favourite songs 
  3. Favourite smells, sights, sounds, feels and tastes
  4. Favourite artists
  5. The worst movies ever made
  6. My favourite lunch spots
  7. Top 10 favourite books
  8. Things that changed my life
  9. Things I don’t want to forget
  10. My favourite Christmas memories
  11. List of firsts
  12. Funny things the kids have said 
  13. Things I’m grateful for
  14. Quotes from inspiring writers
  15. Best decisions I’ve ever made
  16. Things I’ve never done/I’ll never do
  17. Things I’m good at 
  18. Pet peeves
  19. Random facts about me
  20. Worry list
  21. My life’s manifesto
  22. Best advice I’ve ever received 
  23. Three happy moments from today
  24. Goals for this year
  25. Random acts of kindness
  26. Recipes to try
  27. Self-care ideas
  28. Things to declutter in my home
  29. Books I want to read
  30. TV series I want to watch
  31. Ways I can make a difference
  32. Ways to be more eco-conscious
  33. Creative projects I want to make
  34. Rainy day ideas
  35. Ways to relax
  36. Things to photograph
  37. Things to help me stay creative
  38. Five things I want to accomplish this week
  39. Story ideas
  40. Best small towns to visit
  41. Things I want to learn 
  42. Things I’d rather be doing
  43. If I ruled the world
  44. People I’d love to interview
  45. Inventions I wish existed
Pictured here: Beethoven’s 250th Birthday Special Edition journal

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