The New Year is the perfect time to reassess and try new sources of inspiration.

Try Out a New Journalling Style

Maybe 2020 will be the year you finally try out bullet journalling, or gratitude journalling, or maybe it’s morning pages that will shake up your creative appetite. Changing your writing routine can take you in whole new directions while switching up your usual routine.

Change of Scenery

Do you normally write at home? Try the usual alternatives, such as a coffee shop you’ve been meaning to check out or even your local library. A fresh environment can bring new avenues of inspiration for your creativity. In fact, varying locations can introduce different levels of stimuli and distractions leading to different outcomes for your work.

New Materials

If you’re tired of the same old notepads and pens, maybe a shake-up of your stationery sets will add new motivation to your writing routine. Or maybe you need help organizing your writing projects with a fresh dayplanner for the new year? After all, a writer needs the correct tools to produce great work!

How do you find ways to stay inspired?


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