Self-talk is a powerful thing and thoughts can indeed become things, much like how actions become habits – if you do or say something enough you will start to believe it.

Journalling is an amazing tool in your wellness arsenal and coupled with active measures and the commitment to invite positivity into its pages, it will be your first line of defense against those pesky negative vibes.

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Write a Letter to Your Gloomy Thoughts

Have you ever heard of writing a letter to someone who has really bothered you, but never actually sending it? Penning a letter to those negative thoughts that may plague you is the same concept. By getting those feelings down on paper and out of your system, a weight will undoubtedly be lifted from your shoulders and you will immediately experience a sense of release. Along with expelling these thoughts, it’s a great idea to also take the time to acknowledge them and what you have learned from them. An extra tip would be to feel free to dispose of the pages (not the journal!) however you may choose, to really get them out of your way.

Keep a Good Times Tracker

Now it’s time to start documenting those good things that happen to you on a daily basis. Every day without fail before going to sleep, write something positive about that day, what you have accomplished and something you are looking forward to the next day. However small, write it down!

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Look to the Future

Jotting down a few things every night that you are looking forward to can have an enormous effect on your positive thinking. These can be things that may or may not happen – merely events and things you have in your mind that you are looking forward to occurring.

Recording Those Achievements

Use your journal to write down a list of goals you are working towards. Not only will the act of actually writing them down make them more likely to happen but it will help you to stay on course. Work through them and come back to your journal to record your progress. It can sometimes feel like you are standing still with your goals, but you will start to see that you are slowly but surely making steps in the right direction!

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