We all know that setting goals is a great way to stay focused and motivated, but have you ever tried setting intentions?

The start of the month is an ideal opportunity to reflect on what’s just past and the goals you want to achieve going forward. If you’ve heard a lot recently about new moon intention setting, now is a perfect time to give it a try as a new moon is just beginning!

What is an intention?

The difference between setting a goal and an intention is that a goal has a clear objective and a plan of steps for reaching it, whereas an intention is less specific – you’re not sure how you will get there but you intend the outcome. Almost like a wish, it’s something you have to believe in. Ask yourself what matters most to you.

An intention could be as simple as wanting to save for a new car, having a good meeting with your team or boss or wanting to be a healthier person.

New moon

In astronomy, the new moon signifies the first lunar phase. At these times the earth, the sun and the moon are in perfect alignment; it is believed in many cultures to be the ideal time to harness this new energy. In the Hindu calendar, projects are generally set aside until the start of a new moon – NaNoWriMo anyone?

As well as being culturally significant, a new moon represents a new beginning, a second chance to try again or make new goals to strive towards. So don’t worry if your intentions have changed since last month or you had a bad few weeks – there’s always the next new moon to start afresh!

Start small

So grab your favourite journal and start your intentions for this month with 10 goals or wishes. The power of writing them down on paper will help you connect more to your wants and create a contract with yourself!

Remember that intentions can take many forms, from setting an intention for the day to establishing the mission statement of your company or even the values you live by.

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