Romantic Sensibility is one of our classic Paperblanks series, and it had been available in our collection for many years before being recently discontinued. With subtle embellishments and a peaceful colour scheme, this series took inspiration from the book for which the design was created: an 1843 edition of “The Poetical Remains of Henry Kirke White.” Kirke White was an English poet who died in 1806 at the young age of twenty-one, right at the dawn of Romanticism – an era of emotionality and beauty that challenged the unfeeling scientific doctrines of the Enlightenment.

Flash forward over two centuries, and the New Romantics in England’s music and fashion scene were likewise rebelling against the drab reality of the early 1980s economic recession. Dressing up in striking outfits and using makeup to muddle gender distinctions, these nightclub revelers embraced the flamboyant, the glamorous and the outrageous. Futurism, fetish and fantasy were combined with frilly period fashions of English Romantics, Puritans and French Incroyables.

The New Romantics were in large part inspired by classic English Romanticism, evolving some of the era’s more indulgent hallmarks to suit the modern music hall and nightclub scenes. Looking to our own history, we decided to do likewise and revamp our own Romantic Sensibility design. We have replaced the tender colours and traditional look of that earlier series with edgier hues and metallic finishes, echoing the New Romantics’ modernisation of past eras.

We hope the rich and vibrant covers and downright fun names (Peacock Punk, anyone?) will inspire you to rebel against whatever is keeping you from living life in full colour.

Get all the details on this new series here.

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About Paperblanks: 25 years ago, we created Paperblanks to help keep book heritage alive and vital in our modern age, and to offer an inspiring space for people to express themselves. Thanks for joining us on this journey! For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at



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