Forget “complicit” – “levidrome” is the word of the year, at least if a Canadian boy has anything to say about it!

Six-year-old Levi Budd, from Victoria, has coined the term to describe a word that becomes another word when spelled backwards (e.g., “pool” becomes “loop”). Taking a spin from “palindrome” – a word spelled the same forward and backward – Budd’s suggestion seems like a natural choice and makes us question why we didn’t have a word for this already.

In just a few short weeks, Budd’s word has made its way around the world, even landing a spot on the Today Show and shoutouts from celebrities like William ShatnerThe Oxford Dictionary has reached out to him, saying that if his word continues to become a part of the public lexicon, “levidrome is well on its way into our dictionary.”

So if you agree with Budd and Shatner that we should add this to the English language – get using it in your writing!

Do you think “levidrome” should catch on?

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