It’s hard to track how productive you are as a writer because the task at hand (e.g., writing an entire novel) is on such a large scale that you can’t easily break it into chunks of time. You may feel like you’re working toward your goal, but are you doing everything you can to use that time wisely? If you feel like your writing output could use a boost, try these seven easy steps to increase productivity.

  1. Set time aside before sitting down to write, to allow yourself to think freely away from the computer or notepad
  2. Record your writing times and the external circumstances of each session and then look for the patterns that emerge for time/location/mood when you are most or least productive
  3. Disconnect from the internet and cell phone!
  4. Don’t focus on perfectionism until your final draft
  5. Split your editing rounds into particular things you are proofreading for (e.g., plot adjustments should be worked on separately from searching for spelling or grammar issues)
  6. Get more sleep – you’re doing yourself more harm than good by pulling all-nighters as you’re less efficient and focussed when you’re overtired
  7. Add a plant to your office to boost not only your productivity, but morale too (see the study)!

How do you keep yourself on track while writing?

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