In this special double edition of “Peek Inside…” we are getting to know Gerson Petit, a multitalented young man with a passion for classic art. He also writes for his university newspaper, the Collegian. Over the next couple days, we will be taking a look at Gerson’s sketchbooks and journals as we delve into his creative mind. Be sure to check out Part One and follow him on Instagram for more – @le_petitprince24!

“Stairway to heaven – Paperblanks style”

“I’m a big fan of Paperblanks. I got my first Paperblanks journal as a birthday present from my sister in 2012. Ever since, I’ve kept collecting journals. They’re amazing.” – Gerson Petit

Gerson’s Art

A recurring theme in my artwork is designing architectural frames for song lyrics or poetry that’s very significant to me. I originally got the idea from glossing through books about Medieval manuscripts. I was so impressed by the illustrations and illuminations that I purposed myself to create something as stunning. This technique started in my last year of high school. Whenever I got done with assignments early, I’d start to draw in the back of my planner. That’s why the medium I used is just blue pen, because that’s what I had at the moment. Plus, I like blue.

The style in this frame is byzantine, and the lyrics to the Gregorian chant Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy) are written in the original Greek. Being a Christian, this song is very important to me.

This one is a Renaissance style frame. In it are the lyrics of one of Handel’s most exquisite arias, “Cara Sposa,” which means “dear wife.” I especially like this one because of the monumental feel to it, although it’s drawn on a Slim journal.


This frame is thoroughly baroque. I got inspiration from St. Peter’s tomb in the Vatican. I consider this drawing to be one of my best works in this style. This song is also one of my favorites.

This drawing, featuring the Gregorian chant “Spem in Alium,”serves as the title page of my newest journal.

These are some of the first illustrated frames I did:

Gerson’s Poetry and Doodles

I tend to draw a lot in my planners. These started out as class doodles.

These drawings combine poetry and art because I love both! Here’s the last poem I wrote:

For more from Gerson, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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  1. I am so proud of you, my dear Geson (Geshi).
    You are so, so talent. Watching your beatiful work, I realize you have an innate talent!!!
    God uses you in whatever his plans are.
    Sincerely congratulaions,


    • You have a very talented son! It was a pleasure corresponding with him and learning about his art.

      The Paperblanks Team


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