Today marks ten years since we lost Laurel Burch (1945–2007), a singularly unique voice in the art scene. From her humble beginnings in Southern California to the successful merchandising empire she built around her designs, Laurel was a great friend to us and an inspiration to all. Her images are filled with imaginative visions, lively colours and living creatures, and our Laurel Burch Collection remains one of our best-loved series of journals.

As a self-taught artist, Laurel’s art and story inspire not only fellow painters but anyone who appreciates imagination and artistry. To remember Laurel Burch on this Writing Wednesday, we have compiled ten of her most uplifting quotes to awaken your own creativity.

“Listen… you can hear the colors flowering in the quiet of your soul.”

“Celebrate your own special spirit, fly on the wings of your secret dreams.”

“Live from the wise voice in your heart, and each day will blossom.”

“Close your eyes and dream a dream… and seek the courage to make it real. Reflect on the past, envision the future and embrace today with an open heart and soul.”


“As an artist, I find my inspiration, courage, and wisdom within the heart of humanity. When I am strong, I share my strength with you. When I cannot quite find my way, I hold on to the strength and comfort I see in you.”

“It is good to dream! After I dream, I envision, and after I envision, I create!”

“Share with the world from the heart of your heart.”

“Feel the comfort of songbirds in your soul… the grace of new wind in your wings.”

“Sometimes we feel a fire in our souls that is passion gone wild.”

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”

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