Nova Stella Series 1v1

Original Artwork: Missale Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum, published by Octavio Puccinelli
Era: 1789
Region: Rome
Nova Stella Solis 1v1
If you are celestially minded or a lover of dark light, these ethereal journals are sure to inspire and enchant. With their central star shape, Nox, Astra and Solis exert an emotional pull akin to the North Star for nighttime wayfarers. For those inclined to contemplate the cosmos, look no further than our Nova Stella series.

Our Nova Stella covers come from the 1789 binding of Missale Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum, printed during the Settecento period by Octavio Puccinelli publishers. During this time bookbinding became at once simpler and yet more complex. The sewing was done on recessed cords to give the spines a smooth appearance and so, while the structure of books was uncomplicated, decoration became increasingly elaborate.

The free space around the central object is as important as the ornamentation that surrounds it, just as deep space is part of what makes stars so inspiring. Here we see brocade with flowers and heart shapes, gilt-edged, broad string iron lines, single punch gilding and a cross with flowers and initials.

Let this journal guide your imagination into a universe of possibilities.


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  1. I want that beauty so bad! I hope you open online shop in America, too, someday. I still haven’t found a local store or an online retailer that sells full collections!

    • Salve Elena,

      La ringraziamo per l’interesse nei nostri prodotti e per la Sua domanda. Di seguito le differenze:

      • MINI – 95 x 140 mm – 240 Pagine

      • MIDI – 130 x 180 mm – 240 Pagine

      Rimaniamo a disposizione per eventuali chiarimenti ed auguriamo una buona giornata.

      Il Team Paperblanks


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