Jane Austen’s last completed work, Persuasion (1818), is her only novel to feature a heroine past her first youth, and it is certainly the author’s most biting and ironic work.

Austen is perhaps the best-loved of all female English novelists. Her novels, published anonymously, did not bring her fame during her lifetime, but after her untimely death at age forty-one, her romantic and satirical examinations of the domestic issues of her day became cultural landmarks. These works continue to resonate powerfully with audiences in each new generation.


In Persuasion, Austen gives us a satisfying love story while also turning a critical gaze on the kinds of persuasion enforced on young women. At the same time the novel is also a celebration of the Royal Navy and the self-made man. In this way, the novel runs parallel to many of Austen’s earlier works, as the need to endure in the face of adversity is a common thread among many of her stories.

Our Jane Austen, Persuasion cover is a reproduction of one of the rare surviving handwritten manuscript pages from the story’s eleventh chapter. And, like many of our new Embellished Manuscripts journals, we’ve also featured a portrait of the author on the back cover!


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