If art is a passion for you, chances are good that you are a creative individual. However, even the most gifted artists need a little boost now and then to get out of a rut or to simply try something new. If you’re finding yourself ready for a change of pace or a jolt in a new direction, we’ve got a few easy tips for you!

1) Switch Hands

Draw, paint or write with your non-dominant hand to give your brain an extra workout. Now, try taking this to the next level by writing or drawing the exact same thing with one hand and then with the other. You’ll notice that the personality of the output will change, adding a new “voice” to what you’re creating. Who knows, you may even develop a new artistic style you never knew you had!

2) Do Something You Hate

Or rather, do something you think you hate. Have you avoided watching a particular show or trying a new workout because you just “know” that you won’t like it? Well, you may be right but unfortunately that means you’re keeping yourself closed off from a whole bunch of creative possibilities. Try putting yourself in a slightly uncomfortable new experience and see how your brain reacts.

3) See the Components

Look around – what do you see? No matter the particular answer, it’s likely that you identified the objects seen by their collective name (e.g., computer) as opposed to component parts (e.g., computer screen, metal casing, cables and cords, keyboard). Try reframing how you view individual objects and you’re likely to notice interesting details you’ve never picked up on before, allowing a new dimension to enter into your next creation.

4) Go Senseless

There’s a reason why the “Dining in the Dark” idea has become a bit of a trend – it is said that by turning off one sense the others will become heightened. Try blindfolding yourself or putting in ear plugs during a brainstorming session, and see how a reliance on your other sense affects your creativity. You may end up “seeing” the world around you in a whole new light.

5) Work While Tired

If you’ve already got a great idea that you’re ready to perfect, then working while tired probably isn’t a smart plan. But this post isn’t about the easy options, it’s about pushing yourself in new directions. When you’re tired, your mind is more likely to wander, which is actually helpful when you’re needing a creative boost. So rather than giving in to tiredness, try using that lack of focus to your advantage and see where your brain takes you.


  1. #1,3, and 4 are my favourite!
    I would also like to write a sequel story of a dream I saw a night before, but I haven’t got it done yet.

      • Really great idea, Maeve!! This really takes the “dream journal” idea to a whole new level.

        Looking forward to seeing what stories you both craft from your dreams!

        The Paperblanks® Team


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