While much of the world still seems to be experiencing a cold snap this winter, the sun is shining at our Paperblanks Vancouver office and it’s the perfect day to introduce our Spring 2015 collection! From two brand-new series inspired by a French pattern book from the 1800s to the addition of not one, but two Embellished Manuscripts highlighted by classic Impressionistic paintings, we are confident that there’s a journal cover in this catalogue season for everyone. It may even be our best set of releases yet!

Assorted Journals - Spring 2015 - lo-res
Spring 2015 selection (left to right): Painted Lady, Dusk Rose, Davenport, Monet (Bridge), Adina, Cotton Candy and Mother-of-Pearl

Embellished Manuscripts Monet, Letter to Morisot

Our Monet Embellished Manuscripts take this popular collection in a new and exciting direction. Two of Monet’s most stunning paintings provide vibrant backdrops for pages from a handwritten letter he sent to Berthe Morisot, a fellow Impressionist. Learn more about Monet (Bridge), Letter to Morisot and Monet (Water Lilies), Letter to Morisot on our Embellished Manuscripts Collection page.

Embellished Manuscripts - Monet Journals
Embellished Manuscripts (top to bottom): Monet (Bridge), Letter to Morisot and Monet (Water Lilies), Letter to Morisot

Chic & Satin

From four modest swatches of silk and satin collected in France in the 1800s comes our new Chic & Satin series. Featuring classic floral motifs, the richness of colour in these designs combines classic Victorian elements with hints of modern Aestheticism. Learn more about these four covers (Black Dahlia, Blue Muse, Dusk Rose and Painted Lady) on our Chic & Satin page.

Chic and Satin tease
Chic & Satin (left to right): Painted Lady, Dusk Rose, Blue Muse and Black Dahlia

Mad for Plaid

It’s a plaid, plaid world at Paperblanks this spring! We’re sure you’ll go stark raving plaid for our trendy, yet classic, Mad for Plaid series (not to mention all the fun puns that go along with it). With four colourful titles (Davenport, Chelsea, Kensington and Warwick) suggestive of plaid’s traditional tartan association, our Mad for Plaid designs celebrate the cheeky versatility of this classic pattern. Learn more on our Mad for Plaid series page.

Mad for Plaid (top to bottom): Warwick, Kensington and Davenport
3171-0 - Mad for Plaid - Chelsea - Slim
Mad for Plaid: Chelsea

Exotic Marquetry

Paperblanks covers have been influenced by a far-ranging selection of mediums, from statues to paintings to pieces of fabric, but the introduction of our Exotic Marquetry Mother-of-Pearl journal marks the first series inspired by a piece of functional furniture! The panelled design of Mother-of-Pearl is taken from an antique cabinet crafted in the boulle style of marquetry. Learn more on our Exotic Marquetry page.

3166-6 - Exotic Marquetry - Mother-of-Pearl - Ultra
Exotic Marquetry: Mother-of-Pearl

Shimmering Delights

The hottest baked good around is undoubtedly the delicate and delicious macaron, so we couldn’t help but be inspired by this tasty treat when crafting our Shimmering Delights covers. Based on a Swiss pointillé book binding from 1709, our Buttercream and Cotton Candy journals bring the warmth of freshly baked confections to the journalling experience. Learn more on our Shimmering Delights series page.

Shimmering Delights
Shimmering Delights (left to right): Cotton Candy and Buttercream

Bukhara Adina

Our popular Bukhara series has expanded with the addition of the vibrant Adina cover to the existing Amber design. The gorgeous colours of a magenta sky are captured in this pink, blue and purple cover. Learn more about the design on our Bukhara page.

Bukhara: Adina
Bukhara: Adina

Vintage Vogue and William Morris

Along with the above brand-new designs, we’ve added two formats to existing cover selections. Vintage Vogue Plume is now offered in the Slim format and Morris Windrush in the Mini format.

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About Paperblanks®: At Paperblanks®, we believe that art should have a place in all aspects of life. That’s why we follow the artist’s way in everything we do – creating, crafting and releasing designs we believe have the power to touch people. For more about Paperblanks®, go to our website at paperblanks.com.


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