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Looking for a literary component for your next vacation? Why not actually step into the mind of your favourite author as you explore the places that inspired some incredibly influential pieces of writing? To help plan your next trip, here’s our list of five “can’t miss” landmarks that you can actually visit in real life. Who knows what places will find their way into your next story?

1) Holden Caulfield’s Manhattan

If you’re visiting New York City, there’s a great walking tour that will take you to many of the places that Holden Caulfield visited in J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Check out this New York Times article (“Walking in Holden’s Footsteps”) for an interactive map. If you’re up for a European walking tour instead, why not check out James Joyce’s Dublin?

2) Robert Frost’s Farm

See the “Mending Wall,” the fence that inspired the idiom “Good fences make good neighbours.” At Robert Frost’s farm you can see the woods, trails and even fences that inspired some of his best-loved poetry.

3) Narni, Italy

With a name like Narni we bet that you can guess which storied location this town inspired. But just in case you’re having trouble, would it help to mention that in ancient times it was called “Narnia”? Yes, C.S. Lewis was passionate about Roman history and his biographer has recently provided this small Italian town with proof that it was, indeed, the inspiration behind the world within the wardrobe.

4) The Mark Twain Caves

Experience the wonderment, but hopefully not the terror, that Tom and Becky did when they were lost in the cave in Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Missouri, USA is home to the Mark Twain Cave Complex, a site at which you can explore both the oldest and newest of America’s “show” caves.

5) The 100 Acre Wood

East Sussex, England is home to Pooh Corner, a collection of places that inspired A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Visit Ashdown Forest, Milne’s 100 Acre Wood, for a game of Poohsticks (held annually for the past thirty-one years) or check out Roo’s Sandy Pit and the Heffalump Trap as you tour the full Pooh Corner.

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