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At its very core, writing is a bit of a dichotomy as it can be both a highly personal and an incredibly public endeavour. While not all of us share our journals with the rest of the world, the increased popularity of blogging and posting thoughts or photos on social media means that our intimate feelings are more likely to be subject to critiques by others. However, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Sharing your pictures and writing can actually have positive effects on your self-esteem, in ways you may not have expected when simply posting your latest vacation photo.

Sharing Photos

The taking of photos with the intention of sharing them online means you are more likely to pay attention to your posture, smile and other physical features when posing for the camera. While this may seem superficial, the influx of photos depicting you in your best physical light is more likely to remind you of your positive attributes and boost your confidence in your outward appearance. Having people “like” and positively comment on these photos, of course, only goes further to solidify your sense of physical confidence.

Maintaining Social Ties

While many people bemoan the lack of intimacy created in online environments, there’s no denying that the ability to stay connected with people from various places is enhanced through social media. Being able to see what friends, family and even one-time acquaintances are up to makes you feel part of a larger network so that even if you are physically alone, you never feel entirely cut off from human contact. Strong social ties are a huge part of maintaining a sense of self-worth but, of course, it’s always important to get off the computer and visit these people in real life sometimes too!

Find Your Voice

Though we all likely have that friend who tries too hard to provoke or seem educated on the latest world affairs, social media can actually be a great place for opening dialogue on a variety of topics. Communicating your opinions through blogging can help you to find your own voice and allows for instant feedback on your writing or argumentative style. Honing your craft online is a great first step before seeking publication or teaming up with a professional editor.

If a more private approach to boosting self-esteem is preferable for you, check out this previous Writing Wednesday post on The Therapeutic Benefits of Keeping a Journal.

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