Embellished Manuscripts - Kafka The Metamorphosis (2)

Our Fall 2014 addition to the Embellished Manuscripts Collection isn’t just “Kafkaesque” – it’s Kafka, himself! The latest literary cover to join this popular series features a reproduction of a handwritten draft of Franz Kafka’s seminal work, The Metamorphosis.

Many of Kafka’s works express themes of alienation and familial conflict through the lens of a mystical transformation. Die Verwandlung, or The Metamorphosis, is a strong example of the type of story that has come to be known as “Kafkaesque.” Written in 1912, The Metamorphosis tells the story of Gregor, a melancholy salesman who one day is transformed into a monstrous, insect-like creature. As Gregor’s loneliness is heightened by society’s newfound revulsion toward him, he struggles to cope with his alienation until it is too much to bear.

Kafka’s works continue to be appreciated around the world. Searching for acceptance is an experience to which we can all relate, and the handwritten draft of The Metamorphosis reproduced on our cover highlights Kafka’s attempts at putting to words this universal desire. We’re pleased to be able to introduce a cover celebrating this renowned German-language writer and one of the fathers of the existentialist movement.

Embellished Manuscripts - Kafka The Metamorphosis (1)

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  1. This is gorgeous! Can’t wait to get it–right after I fill up this beautiful Virginia Woolf journal. Speaking of which . . .

    I wish Paperblanks would have more women writers/artists/scientists represented in the Embellished Manuscripts collection. How about Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, Simone de Beauvoir, Anne Frank, Sally Ride, Eleanor Roosevelt, Emily Dickinson?

    • Hi RC,

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re always trying to find compelling new artists and thinkers to add to our Embellished Manuscripts Collection and these are some exceptionally strong female voices you’ve suggested. We do have a few manuscripts written by women in the pipeline, but are glad to hear that Kafka will work well for you in the meantime!

      All the best,
      The Paperblanks® Team


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