We’ve been teasing it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, and now the wait is finally over. Trust us, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this unveiling as much as you have, and we’re extremely excited to show you what’s in store for Paperblanks this spring.

Our Spring 2014 line takes us all the way from Uzbekistan to Hawaii and from a cabaret to a science lab. Not only do we have ten unique new covers coming out this spring but some of our favourite designs are now available in new formats, including a variety of address book options. These designs will be making their way to stores near you in the coming weeks, so make sure to check them all out below and head to our website to learn more!

What’s New This Season?

Vintage Vogue Cabaret Cabaret

Originally designed in the 1930s by French illustrator and painter Gaston Girbal (1888–1978), the cover for Cabaret Cabaret joins Plume in our Vintage Vogue series.

Bukhara Amber

Bukhara, Uzbekistan is renowned as being a centre of learning and culture, and it is also the birthplace of this 18th-century binding!

Bukhara Amber


The breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands inspires reflection and renewal. The cover designs of our Aloha series are evocative of both traditional handpainted designs and contemporary printed fabrics, capturing the essence of this tropical haven.

Equinoxe Azure and Carmine

The elaborate surface of our Equinoxe binding was originally adorned à la fanfare, a style popular from the late 1500s until the early 1700s.

Florence Nightingale, Letter of Inspiration

Handwritten to her nursing staff at St. Thomas’ Hospital, Florence Nightingale’s original “Letter of Inspiration” is thirteen pages long. We’ve selected one of the many important passages as the first of our two new Embellished Manuscripts.

Albert Einstein, Special Theory of Relativity

Our Albert Einstein Embellished Manuscript is not only exciting for its front cover content but its back as well! This design features an image of the famous scientist on the back as a special bonus.

New Formats

New Mucha Midis

Two popular designs from our Mucha collection, Papaver and Tiger Lily, are now available in Midi format.

New Address Books

Classic Silver Filigree and Mucha designs are just some of the new Address Book covers available this season. Check out our website for the full list of new Address Books, available in Mini, Midi, Slim and Ultra formats.


About Paperblanks: At Paperblanks, we believe that art should have a place in all aspects of life. That’s why we follow the artist’s way in everything we do – creating, crafting and releasing designs we believe have the power to touch people. For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at paperblanks.com.


    • Hi Shannon,

      We absolutely agree! This season we’re offering unlined versions of our new Equinoxe and Bukhara series, as well as the new covers in Vintage Vogue and our Mucha collection.

      All the best,
      The Paperblanks® Team

      • Can you tell me where I can find the equinoxe line near Kitchener ont canada? It states on your website that chapters has you products but it does not have this particular model… Only a small variety. Is there any way to purchase it direct from you as well? Let me know via email. Thank you!

  1. I saw this post back in February and hadn’t commented but I really, really can’t resist anymore, haha! I absolutely love the colouring of the Bukhara Amber journal in this post but whenever I go to the actual product page, this variation doesn’t seem to be an option? It’s like a bright yellow/gold and not this gorgeous archaic looking maroon. Am I missing something here?

    I wish you guys had an online store. It’s so disheartening going into brick and mortar stores and finding that they don’t stock the styles I want. 🙁

    • Hi Hayley,

      We’re glad you decided to come back and comment! The beauty of Bukhara Amber is the way it plays with light and colour. Depending on where the light hits the cover, you can see shimmering gold or deep maroon. Check out this Paperblanks® Traveller post from when someone took their Bukhara Amber to Oslo,Norway: http://blog.paperblanks.com/2014/02/paperblanks-traveller-oslo-norway/. It’s the same book but, as you can see, looks completely different in the shadows than it does it bright sunlight.

      Thanks for your feedback on the online store, as well – that’s definitely something we are looking into. For now, we would recommend using our Store Finder (http://paperblanks.com/ca/en/stores) as we do have some retailers who offer online shopping.

      The Paperblanks® Team

      Update: We have adjusted the Bukhara Amber image to more properly express the colours you will in standard lighting conditions. The lovely maroons will definitely still come out, but there is generally a stronger sense of gold and amber than what was seen in the original image.

    • I agree! I’m a big collector of these journals and they are too difficult to find! Sales would quadruple with online sales if it was available!

  2. Hi Paperblanks!
    These are sooo beautiful! When can we expect them to see them in stores in New Zealand? I really want to get one of the Equinoxe books for my sisters birthday at the end of April.

  3. Hi!

    I purchased your beautiful small 2013 calendars as gifts for friends and, also, one for myself. We all absolutely loved the magnetic/leather-look closure. It keeps the books together when carried in our purses. I wanted to get them, again, in December for 2014 but was really disappointed at the calendars that were available, then. The selection if styles was very small and only one had a magnetic closure. So, I went with a different brand that was not as pretty as your previous calendars.

    I hope that there is a larger selection at the end of this year for 2015! And, also, that you keep adding the extras such as the unique closure and the marker ribbons.

    Looking forward to next year’s selection!

    PS. Being able to buy them online would be nice!

    • Hi Loree,

      Thanks for your feedback on the 2014 dayplanners! We’re sorry to hear you couldn’t find a style that worked this year. We are beginning to put together our 2015 cover selection, but we always welcome ideas for the future! Are there any covers you would especially love to see on the Mini dayplanners?

      And don’t worry – unique closures and ribbon markers are hallmarks of Paperblanks® journals and dayplanners, and won’t be going anywhere!

      Though we don’t sell directly online at this time, many of our retailers do have online shops. Please check out our Store Locator to see if there is a retailer offering online shopping in your area.

      All the best,
      The Paperblanks® Team

  4. I love all the note book designs that you guys come out with along with the clasps magnetic closures but something that would really interest me is if you came out with a note book that was lined on one page and blank on another. i not sure if their is a name for that style but i would immediately buy quite a few. i do a lot of detailed drawings that require descriptions longer than would fit on the bottom or even around the page and while it may seem lazy, i prefer to write on lined paper and draw on blank so this would be perfect. i have seen other not books like this but they lack the paper blanks style and all around sturdiness


    • That’s a very intriguing idea! We’re always looking for innovative additions to our journal line, so we’ve forwarded your idea on to our research and development team!

      The Paperblanks® team

  5. YA! glad i could give you guys an idea. ill be watching for when the next line come out. keep on creating new journals


  6. I love your day planners – I tried the Safavid midi this year and I really enjoy using it. I was very excited to see the Equinoxe designs until I found out that I can’t get them in the format that I want. Are there any plans to have Azure or Carmine in midi week-at-a-time horizontal format for next year? I see they’re available as journals, but not as day planners except in the ultra size.
    I bought the Morris design through Jenni Bick instead, and I’m sure it will be lovely… but it can’t hurt to ask!

    • Hi Rachel,

      We have good news for you! For 2016 we will be offering Equinoxe Carmine as a Midi Week-At-A-Time Horizontal Dayplanner in all languages except Portuguese and Japanese. Hopefully your Morris Dayplanners serves you well in the coming year while you await the new design 🙂

      All the best,
      The Paperblanks® Team

  7. It would be great to see more PaperBlank Journals related to engineering and to other famous people, especially Martin Luther King and also Leonardo Da Vinci and his Helicopter.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for the ideas! We’re always looking for new directions to take our Embellished Manuscripts series, and will definitely pass this feedback along.

      We don’t have anything specifically on Da Vinci’s helicopter, but we’ve always been inspired by Da Vinci and have featured his sketches and notes on many of our past journals. Currently we have a Leonardo’s Sketches series featuring his notes on Sun & Moonlight and Water Motion.

      All the best,
      The Paperblanks® Team


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