Our friends over at Seva have recently been featured in Vancouver’s The Province newspaper for their work with blind villagers in Nepal. Seva is one of our favourite charities to support because of their unique focus on restoring eyesight as the first step towards reducing global poverty.

Sadly, while going blind due to cataracts, glaucoma and simple infections is virtually unheard of in the developed world, nearly 16% of the Nepalese population is afflicted with eye disease. In the rough mountain terrain of countries like Nepal, going blind is synonymous with becoming poor, as it is nearly impossible to leave the house, let alone work, without sight. But with Seva’s doctors performing cataract surgery costing $50 or less per person, blindness truly is a preventable disease. It’s for this reason that we find Seva to be the perfect partner for Paperblanks® and our publisher, Hartley & Marks, in our quest to creatively improve our planet through health, education and community.

Learn more about the work being done by Seva and how you can help eradicate preventable blindness and decrease global poverty by checking out their website.


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