Hermine Reidinger and Michael Sardelic are Austrian artists who specialise in creating floating art also known as mobiles.  When creating their mobiles they like to focus on key topics like love and life.  Hermine and Michael contacted us in 2012 and told us about their plans to include a Paperblanks journal in one of their works of art and we were excited to see the result.

They sent us information and images on ‘Floating thoughts’ and we thought we’d share it with you along with some more information on these artists.

Mobiles are a recurring theme in your work. Why did you choose this type of installation?

We realised that we often have the same thoughts and ideas and that they are constantly floating in space when we are together. We wanted to make this feeling visible to others and achieved this very quickly through the concept of expressing it in our mobiles.

What inspired you to create “Floating Thoughts”?

All of our ideas come from our previous experiences and conversations. We got the idea for “Floating Thoughts” during a conversation about our experience as a couple. We discussed the different reasons why couples and friends break up and came to the conclusion that the end of a relationship begins when you stop expressing your feelings to each other.

What role does the Paperblanks notebook play in this installation?

The Paperblanks notebook symbolises a “feelings diary” or “relationship diary” of a couple. These diaries are floating in space and above them are the people as couples who let their emotions flow in this book.

Why did you choose Paperblanks and what role does the design “Laurel Burch – Flutterbyes” play?

It was important for us that the books we wanted to use for the mobile should have the charisma of being something unique and special; this gives the impression that each couple’s relationship is special and unique. We chose this design because the books are intended to look like fluttering butterflies; the books contain a double meaning in their cover design.

For more info visit the artist’s website here.

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