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We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to our growing Accordion Box line: Shiraz. Matching the design used for our Shiraz collection of writing journals, the new Shiraz Accordion Box features a design that originates from sixteenth-century Persia.

For the full story about the Shiraz design’s origins and the elaborate work that has gone into its decoration go here. Read on for more information about Paperblanks’ line of Accordion Boxes.

Paperblanks’ Line of Accordion Boxes

Store your paperwork and mementos in a beautiful, classic Accordion Box that transforms storage into functional art. Whether used to file papers for one’s home office, to store private letters or simply for personal organization, Paperblanks’ Accordion Box Collection expertly incorporates the look and feel of antique bookbinding into a modern context. Ideal both for practical uses and for whimsical keepsakes, these sturdily constructed folder boxes provide a luxurious place to store both your cherished and everyday objects.

Paperblanks currently produces Accordion Boxes in four styles used on some of our most popular journal collections: Black Moroccan, Handtooled, Safavid, and Shiraz.

Paperblanks' Accordion Box Line

Each of our Accordion Boxes include the following features:

  • Accordion style expandable file folder
  • 10 built in dividers
  • Customizable label tabs included

paperblanks accordion box safavid black moroccan


Like these boxes? Click here to find a retailer!

About Paperblanks®: We have been producing superb writing journals for twenty years. We are book people, and we believe that the written word matters and that our blank books have a critical role to play in the art and continued practice of writing itself. For more about Paperblanks®, go to our website at


  1. Well done! One more Paperblanks item I am going to need!
    Do you consider doing the same with the embellished manuscript or some glamorous collection like Ventaglio or Nocturnelle? It would look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Would you please consider putting these gorgeous designs on File Folders (letter and legal) so that the inside of the Accordian Box is as beautiful as the outside! I am longing for a grown-up office!

      • Hi everyone,

        Thanks for your the feedback and suggestions – we’ve forwarded it on to our development team for future consideration. If you have any other suggestions, please do let us know!

        All the best,
        The Paperblanks® Team

  3. Just a random comment dropping in to share admiration for these boxes that once upon a time I coudn’t buy, and now can only reminisce about (or randomly search sites for them, cause you never know!). Simply beautiful.

    • Thank you Olympia! We love to reminisce over these beautiful boxes sometimes, too, and we are sorry that you were unable to find them while they were available.

      We are always working on new product ideas, and will make a note of your interest in our accordion boxes should we decide to re-release them in the future!

  4. I’m another random comment, not exaggerating when I say I have remembered these and randomly search them up every couple of years hoping they have become available somewhere in Australia. They are absolutely stunning and I can’t be the only person hoping they become available again sometime in the near future!

      • Thanks Robyn, I was once again thinking of these beautiful boxes and checked to see if they were available yet haha I caught the New Year declutter/organizing bug. One day my paperwork will look stunning.

        • Good on you for getting organized to start the new year! So sorry we couldn’t offer a beautiful accordion box to help with your cleanup this time, but we are still working on bringing them back to our collection for future.


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