We’re pleased to announce our newest collections and titles for Spring, available at Paperblanks retailers worldwide starting in February.

This season we introduce four new collections, each drawn from eclectic sources. From an unheralded 1920’s Parisian Cabaret designer to a decorative art that originated from the ancient kingdoms of Korea, we continue to find inspiration from a diversity of cultures and historical eras.  In addition, we’ve added two new artists to our popular Embellished Manuscripts collection –  romantic-era poet John Keats and famed English writer Rudyard Kipling – along with new titles added to our popular Silver Filigree line of writing journals.

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New Collection: Gold Inlay

Find out all about this collection by visiting our Gold Inlay page here.

About this collection: Emulating historical styles was much in vogue during the 19th century. Patrons encouraged bookbinders to imitate the sensuousness of designs from the Renaissance and Romantic eras, and bindings were valued for their ornamental richness. As the level of luxury increased, book covers were frequently decorated with gold and adorned with silk, cloisonné enamels or precious stones. By looking to history for inspiration, bookbinders created extraordinary works of art. (More)

New Collection: Vintage Vogue

Find out all about this collection by visiting our Vintage Vogue page here.

About this collection: Les Folies-Bergère, Le Casino de Paris, Le Moulin Rouge – the names of the famed cabarets of Art Deco Paris remain evocative to this day, calling to mind an exuberant atmosphere of showgirls, feathers, silks, bright colours and sequins glittering in the spotlight. Art Deco is synonymous with elegance, glamour and modernity, yet the costume and set designers who created the unforgettable look and feel of the era remain largely unheralded. British theatre designer Alec Shanks was one such figure. Shanks, who arrived in Paris from London at the pinnacle of the movement, was for years one of the top designers at Les Folies-Bergère, the most legendary cabaret in Paris. (More)

New Collection: Shiraz

Find out all about this collection by visiting our Shiraz page here.

About this collection: This 16th-century Islamic binding was originally crafted from black goatskin that was embossed, gilded, painted, and covered with delicate gold filigree. Said to have been first commissioned by one of the Safavid princes of Shiraz, it came to be in the possession of Suleiman the Magnificent, the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman, a distinguished poet and gifted goldsmith, was also a great patron of the arts who orchestrated the development of one of the most glittering periods in artistic history. (More)

Shiraz Accordion Box

Also released with the Shiraz collection is the newest addition to our line of Accordion Boxes. The newest extension of the Paperblanks brand, our Accordion Boxes are heirloom quality folder boxes that are available in four styles: Safavid Binding Art, Handtooled, Black Moroccan, and now, Shiraz.

New Collection: Kirikane

Find out all about this collection by visiting our Kirikane page here.

About this collection: Literally “cut gold,” kirikane refers to the meditative practice of decorating Buddhist paintings and statues with gold metal leaf. The precision of the kirikane artist is informed by devotion and mindfulness. The earliest surviving examples of kirikane originate from Baekje (18 BCE–660 CE), one of the three ancient kingdoms of Korea. In Japan, kirikane flourished during the 11th century until it faded from view three centuries later, all but extinguished by the use of gold paint to replace precious metal. (More)

New Title: Keats, To Autumn, Embellished Manuscript Collection

Featured on the cover of our Keats, To Autumn journal is the handwritten manuscript of Keats’ poem “To Autumn,” in which he describes the three aspects of the noble season: its fruitfulness, its labour and its ultimate decline. Of all Keats’ poems, “To Autumn” most closely describes a paradise as realized on earth while also focusing on archetypal symbols connected with the season: growth, maturation and finally, approaching death.

This design is available in both Ultra and Mini. Find out more by visiting our Embellished Manuscripts page here.

New Title: Kipling, Songs of Songs, Embellished Manuscript Collection

The plainspoken vigour of Kipling’s writing is made manifest in the cover of our Kipling, Songs of Songs journal, which features his illustrated letter to Lord Alfred Milner entitled “The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s.”

This design is available in both Ultra and Mini. Find out more by visiting our Embellished Manuscripts page here.

New Titles: Silver Filigree Collection

We’ve added two new books to our Silver Filigree Collection. Our popular Blush Pink design is now available in the Mini and Mini Classic formats.

Find out more by visiting our Silver Filigree collection page here.

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