Our A Peek Inside… series is made up of articles that take a look inside different people’s personal journals in an effort to celebrate the person’s creativity and inspire others. If you have a project that you would like to be featured please email facebook@hartleyandmarks.com.

Day 1026: “It Stops Here” (magazine images, ink pads, acrylic paint, oil pastels paint pens, crystal rhinestones)

In March 2009, I started a Daily Journal Page Challenge on my art blog, My Mane Blowing in the Wind. This was a personal art challenge in which I would create one page for every day of the year.  Up to that point I had increasingly heard “the call of the muse” but had never pursued my art and creativity on a day-to-day basis. I felt that if I created a page every day for a year, and posted it on my blog to hold myself accountable that I would either develop a creative discipline or know at the end of the year that I needed to do something else with my life! For my journals I used solely Paperblanks Pocket Companions. I liked their size ( 5¼” x 8¼” which is easy to fill), the paper quality (the pages hold up well with glue and collage elements), and an attractive leather cover (conducive to altering).

Day 1026: “It Stops Here” (magazine image, ink pads, rubber stamps, pen)

Well, I’m here to say that doing this challenge paid off big time! It’s now been over four years of creating my journal spreads and I have now filled 40 Pocket Companions!  As a result of sticking to developing my art I have an art studio in a local community arts center where I sell my hand-soldered jewelry, create altered books and journals, and teach monthly creativity workshops. I’m a little easier on myself these days, so I may not create a spread per day, but I am creative every day! With period breaks I will continue this challenge as long as I have juice to do it.

Day 935: “Talking Points” (magazine images, dictionary text, ink pads, acrylic paint, pens)

Most of my pages in my journals are collaged because I am a collage artist and most comfortable working in this medium. Early on I purposely left blank areas so that I could journal later if I wanted. But more and more I am content just to create a collage because they are very much representative of your psychological and emotional states – to where you are in the moment.

Day 857: “The World Is Very Open” (magazine images, ink pads, pen)

In viewing my journal spreads you see that they speak of my personality and my interests: being a woman, being in a relationship, my loves and passions, animals and nature, my fears and negativity, humor, my spiritual journey. You just have to flip through my altered journals to see a kaleidoscope of my life. And then sometimes I just like to experiment with new art tools and media. Sometimes I include drawings and write randomly with a pen.

Day 870: “Taking Inspiration to New Places” (magazine images and text, ink pads, acrylic paint, pen)

My pages are whatever I want them to be. I encourage you to try a challenge for yourself whether with word or images – but adding images to journal entries is a terrific way to expand your horizons and bring your words to life

Day 880: “Elevate Your Creativity” (magazine images, ink pads, pen)

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