We’re pleased to announce the new additions to the Paperblanks catalogue for Fall 2012. This catalogue includes two new collections — Nocturnelle, with designs that reproduce the 1892 French book cover “The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore,” and Ori, with covers inspired by the works of Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura — as well as a new Laurel Burch series and new additions to existing collections French Ornate and Laurel Burch Playful Creations.

All of these new additions will be available at Paperblanks’ retailers worldwide starting in September. These books are perfect for school-returning instructors, students and those who appreciate elegant, high-quality writing and organization materials.

Read on for images and longer descriptions of the new collections and titles!

New Collection: Nocturnelle

Our reproduction of an antique French binding is based on a cover designed in 1829 by publishers A. & W. Galignani for “The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.” The cover suggests the fine Moroccan leather that was revered by discerning bibliophiles, and the decorations mirror architectural trends of the time such as rosettes, spirals and stylized leaves.

Nocturnelle is available in Grande, Midi, Mini, Slim and Ultra formats. To find out more about this collection consult our Nocturnelle products page here.

New Collection: Ori

The exquisite Ori collection features the work of Artist Yuko Nishimura and celebrates the ties between art, culture and everyday life in Japan. From the simple fold, we are reminded of the unending story of human ingenuity. Artist Yuko uses folded curves and straight lines suggesting formal structure and creative impulse. While minimal, each of the four Ori designs – Arroyo, Cadence, Ripple and Dune – are breathtakingly sophisticated.

To find out more about this collection consult the Ori products page here.

New Laurel Burch Series: Whimsical Creations

A new series has been added to our popular Laurel Burch collection comprised of two designs available in two different formats: Ocean Song and Hummingbird.

To find out more about this collection go to the Whimsical Creations products page here.

New Titles: French Ornate Collection

Three designs in our French Ornate collectionBleu, Vert, and Violet – have been updated and are now available in newer formats.

To find out more visit the French Ornate products page here!

New Format: Laurel Burch Playful Creations

Our Flutterbyes design, previously only available in the Micro format, is now available in our Midi and Mini formats. Flutterbyes is one of four designs in this series, which includes Sweet Friend, Peace, and Nodding Blooms.

To find out more visit the Laurel Burch Playful Creations products page here.

Nocturnelle in two formats
Ocean Song; part of the Laurel Burch Whimsical Creations series
Updated design for Bleu; part of the French Ornate collection

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  1. Okay so, wow. Just wow. You guys pulled another gorgeous collection again! I like Nocturnelle for my night owl reasons, the Whimsical Creations series because I’m a Pisces and I loveeee colours and…the French Ornate collection, which started my obsession with paperblanks.

    So glad it comes out as I start university! Good job guys!

  2. Love the look of Nocturnelle! And it looks like it’s available in unlined, yay! (Yay because I only want unlined books and a few of the covers I’ve fallen for have only been available in lined or maybe unlined in the wrong format.)

  3. I love them <3 have already bought alot <3 but I only buy unlined. I'm very strict when it comes to that. because then I can use them as sketch/drawing books as well as for writing. but I have one exeption… the Leonardo da vinci series… one of them is only lined, and I have decided to let that one pass, since it's Leonardo… and I let Poe pass too, just because it looks so good. I wish we could buy them online… 🙁 so much easier… don't have to wait for the the store's ordering dates…. 🙁 I have to wait until christmas to get the leonardo da vinci series sadly 🙁 oh well… keep up the fantastic work 😀 these books are the most beautiful of all writing/drawing books <3

  4. First time purchasing paperblanks books and I bought 3 of it at one go! Love the exquisite design and the price. Gorgeous yet affordable! Please don’t stop! 🙂 complete fan now and would love to start a collection!


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