Today is the first day of Spring — so what better time to trot out a flower-themed Paperblanks collection? Our Rose Garden collection of blank notebooks is the newest collection to be added to the Paperblanks catalogue. It is comprised of two designs–“Glowing Rose” and “Wild Rose”–and is available in two formats, Midi and Mini.

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Covers That Celebrate Persian Life and Culture

Ah, the rose. The flower most storied and maligned. Our rose garden covers are inspired by miniature lacquer paintings that adorned fine books in 16th-century Persia. The originals were celebrations of the luxury and refinement of Persian life and culture.

Our revival of these ancient covers depicts roses primed on a gold base, surrounded by smaller flowers such as might have been found in the botanical gardens of the Persian court. In a more regal presentation such as “Glowing Rose,” the rose takes her rightful place as the focal point. She is surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting: poppies, carnations, dogwood and tulips, and her nobility and pride draw the eye. In contrast, “Wild Rose” is a modest and stylised depiction of her beauty, subtly enhanced by the play of light and shadow.

To find out more about this collection, go to our Rose Garden Collection products page.

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  1. Hello!

    I just want to say I love paperbacks! They all have such lovely designs, are personal and so in tune with my style and soul!

    I’ve come to think that it’s not very environmental though, to buy a new calendar every year – yet I bring it everywhere and want it to feel like a part of me. So I was wondering, have you considered making a collection of filofaxe’s? It would be lovely to know I would always have your lovely design, but that I would be more environmental by just changing the papers every year, instead of buying a whole new calendar!

    Much love from a free spirit from Sweden

    • Hi Rania,

      Thanks for writing us and thanks for the kind words about Paperblanks!

      We understand your environmental concerns – and it has definitely been discussed here in the past – but ultimately if we had replaceable paper similar to what Filofax does – it just wouldn’t be a Paperblanks book! The fine craftsmanship and quality binding of a Paperblanks book is an important part of the Paperblanks experience.

      But we feel it’s important to emphasize that, given the parameters that we’ve set for the product (of providing the finest quality book on the market, binding and all), we’ve still taken a great many environmental factors into consideration. All of our paper is acid free and derived from sustainable forest pulp, and our binder boards are made with 100% recycled materials. You can read more about our commitment to the environment (including corporate and employee initiatives and the environmental causes we support) here:

      – The Paperblanks Team


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