Staff Pick of the Month is a regular feature where we ask a Paperblanks employee how they contribute to the team, what their favourite Paperblanks book is, and what they use their book for.

Q: What do you do at Paperblanks?

A: My name is Kyoko and I work as a Customer Service Representative in the Kyoto Office.

Q: What is your favourite Paperblanks journal?

A: It is hard to choose just one!  I like all the journals from the French Ornate Collection.  They are absolutely gorgeous and the covers are richly textured. I especially like the Fuchsia and Noir-Cuivre.   Just looking at my beautiful journal on my desk makes me smile.

Q: What is your Paperblanks Journal used for?

A:I am currently using the Noir-Cuivre from the French Ornate Collection for scrapbooking. I also use my Paperblanks as my own personal guide to Kyoto.  I write down the details of my favourite spots, cafes and shops and add my photos to illustrate. This guide proves very useful when I show my friends around my city (Kyoto is a popular sightseeing city).  Personalising my journal in my own one-of-a-kind way is so much fun.

Q: In your opinion what is the best thing about Paperblanks journals?
A:As some of our other staff have noted before, the quality of the paper we use is one of the best things about our Paperblanks journals.  I also love that there are many different styles & designs that satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes.   I really like the books that have an antique look, I like to collect them and display them in my bookshelf!


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