Here’s a new reason to appreciate William Wordsworth’s poetry.  Professors at Lancaster University in the UK are now using the great romantic writer’s poetry to teach managers and entrepreneurs about business. According to English professor Simon Bainbridge, Wordsworth “can … help people in business think about their priorities and their career and how they can deal creatively with problems.”

The teachings are part of a new enterprise center at the school. The center’s aim: teach its students to use artistic ideas to improve businesses. One approach Bainbridge takes is to take students on Wordsworth’s walking routes, where they discuss “Wordsworth’s concept of time, his visions and his collaboration with Coleridge” to help the students “understand other ways of thinking about their own ideas and how to use them.” For more about the business center check out the Westmorland Gazette’s full article on the subject here. And for Paperblanks’ own tribute to Wordsworth, go here.


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