Welcome to the all-new all-different Paperblanks Blog!

Every single design at Paperblanks first begins as an image, as an idea, or as a vision.

We are inspired by artists, and our approach towards what we feature on our blog will be no different. Quite simply, we want to communicate what excites us, and the range of this is diverse.  From world art & culture, to traditional craft techniques, to visionaries, rebels and artists across the ages, you can trust that our blog will follow our eclectic and evolving interests – an essential dimension of who we are at Paperblanks. For we  are curious people, driven by human creativity and exquisite design.

We  believe that what is often ruminated upon in a writing journal is an entry point to a good conversation. With this in mind, we’ll be publishing diverse content on our Centuries of Creativity blog,  keeping our own slate as open as possible to publish a diverse group of voices, stories and experiences.

Tell us below what you think of our new blog design or the content. Or, even better, tell us what you’d like to see covered or discussed.  If you inspire us, we’ll be sure to respond, and we’re hoping we can inspire you too!


  1. I love the pen you show here, and use fountain pens myself, so it surprises me when there’s not enough room in my brand new Saddleworn 5×7 for me to squeeze in a pen- let alone a little hook, loop, or notch for me to clip the pen in to so it doesn’t fall out.

    Can you recommend a pen that would work well in these journals because I’m at a loss how I’m supposed to use the pens I have. I want to keep the journal pen IN the journal, so they travel together and you are never at a loss to write as long as the journal is in hand.

  2. Hi Anthony! We already replied to your similar question on Facebook, but regardless, as we said there, we’re actually in the early stages of development for a pen clip/loop for Paperblanks books. The current challenge is designing a loop to fit each of our closures, particularly magnetic wrap closures. But while we’re in these early stages we’d love to hear any suggestions or ideas you or anyone else may have!


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