The handwritten letter reproduced on our Embellished Manuscript book cover demonstrates the passion of one of humanity’s greatest artists, Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Previously released in 2014 as a hardcover journal, we are delighted to bring this design back as a softcover Flexi notebook!

One of the three “giants” of the Florentine High Renaissance, Michelangelo (1475–1564) was far more reclusive than his peers Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, and outlived them both by more than 40 years. Considered one of the all-time masters, over the course of his life he produced many of the finest frescoes and most revered sculptures in the world.

Pictured here: Michelangelo, Handwriting softcover Flexis notebook and bookmark

As a student of the Medici Academy, Michelangelo was influenced by the members of the elite who educated and employed him. He came from an aristocratic ancestry and took great pride in this heritage, going to extreme lengths to present himself in an admirable and sophisticated fashion. It was particularly the elegant handwriting of the humanists that awed Michelangelo, and he adopted the “humanist cursive” (later known as cancelleresca) as his own.

The letter reproduced here, written in Michelangelo’s own hand, demonstrates with every stroke of the pen the refinement and passion of one of the greatest artists humanity has produced.

We are thrilled to have this design return as a softcover Flexi. And with the addition of the Sistine Chapel’s The Creation of Adam featured on the back cover, the point of creation beautifully bookends this Embellished Manuscript notebook.

Michelangelo, Handwriting is available as a softcover Flexi notebook and a bookmark.


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