We’re so excited about our new Stitched Splendour Rosa design that we made it the cover of our Fall 2014 retailers catalogue! And now, we can finally show it off here on the Endpaper Blog.

Recreating an 18th-century Spanish binding, Stitched Splendour Rosa is a celebration of the ancient art of goldwork. Featuring an embroidered rose motif, Rosa’s original design was stitched in silver thread on a leather book cover. Interestingly, while the technique is called goldwork, it’s rare to find an example that was actually stitched entirely in gold. Most often, silver-gilt or other metallic threads were used to create this type of surface embroidery.

At the time of the original binding, as well as today, goldwork is a rarely used technique that requires a great deal of training and patience. As such, bindings with this type of decoration were reserved only for books of great importance. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to bring this ancient and revered craft to our Fall 2014 Paperblanks collection: Now the beauty and splendour of goldwork can be found on your next journal!

Learn more about Stitched Splendour Rosa at Paperblanks.com.



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