When people think of writers they tend to see romanticised visions of Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare or even J.K. Rowling. But not all professional writers are world-renowned authors and though we are constantly reading in our daily lives, we rarely stop to think about how those words got there. Just who was it that wrote the instruction manual for your new laptop? Who put together the enticing product descriptions in the catalogue that just arrived in the mail? Most likely, a freelance writer.

Freelance writing may not be as glamorised in pop culture as some other creative professions, but the people who call this art their career make up an essential part of the literary community. From providing for-hire newspaper columns to writing copy for an online storefront, freelance writers truly are the unsung backbones of our day-to-day lives. If you love the art of putting words together but aren’t looking to write a novel, here are four types of freelance writing you may not have thought of as career options.

Grants and Bursaries

When a non-profit organisation or start-up needs money, one way to go about finding some is through a grant or bursary. To be chosen for a highly sought after endowment, these groups need to craft an incredibly compelling argument for why they should receive the money and will often turn to a freelance writer for the job. How to find such a writing opportunity? Check out ads online, or research businesses that have received grants in the past – they may be looking for another bursary in the future, as well.

Resumés and Cover Letters

Just as an organisation needs to convey why they are most deserving of a monetary endowment, a job seeker needs to convince a hiring company that they offer the best set of skills for the position. Many people hire professional writers to help craft their resumés and cover letters, as being articulate and eloquent goes a long way on an application. Just think of these as being like persuasive essays!

Web Article Writer

In our tech-driven world, every company needs to have an online presence. However, not all companies have the means (or desire) to hire a full-time copywriter. This is where a freelance writer can come in. Take the time to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) writing, and you will have an invaluable skill to offer businesses looking to attract online visitors.

Corporate Reports

Worried that your arts degree didn’t fully prepare you for the corporate world? Think again. Those hundreds of essays you spent years writing have given you an edge when it comes to building a career. Companies are often seeking writers to draft reports to be given to their clients. While they may be experts in the field, they’re not necessarily experts at report writing, and often hire outside help for these sorts of projects. Just make sure you don’t bill yourself as an expert, too, or you’ll very quickly find yourself in over your head. However, if you do your research and consistently come up with effective results, you’ll begin to develop a loyal client-base and can actually make essay writing a full-time job!

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