Social media is a great way to connect not only with your readers, but with agents, editors and fellow writers as well! The popular #AmWriting hashtag is coming up on its fifth anniversary, and it’s still going strong as an integral link in the online writing community. Learn more about the #AmWriting movement on its offical blog, then check out these other fourteen Twitter hashtags you should be using as a part of your online networking endeavours.


You can use this or the shorter version #writetip to connect to writing coaches, editors and publishers. Search either hashtag to find pearls of wisdom as shared by these industry insiders.


Every November is National Novel Writing Month, a movement that has gone international over the past few years. Check out our Writing Wednesday from the last #NaNoWriMo for more information about this month-long challenge.


#WriterWednesday, #WritingWednesday or just plain #WW can be used once a week for author promotion (yourself or others) or to highlight other literary pursuits and interests. Kind of like #FF (Follow Friday), this can be used to suggest new authors to your readers, and hopefully have that favour returned.


If Wednesdays are for writing, Fridays are for reading the fruits of those labours. Share with the book community what you’re reading and show support for fellow writers and the publishing business.


Quote your favourite book or give a taste of your upcoming opus by tagging your post with this hashtag.


The independent writing community is incredibly active on social media, so use this hashtag (or the just-as-popular #indieauthors) to connect with other self-published writers.


Another means of connecting with the indie publishing world is to use this hashtag. The long version is #indiepublishing, but the short form is considerably more popular as it saves you precious characters for the rest of your post!


In the realm of social media, every day is a special day if you look in the right places. For the independently published, Thursdays are the days to promote not only your own work but to show your support for others in the same boat. More and more bookstores are also using this hashtag to promote their interviews and book signings of local authors.


Similar to #amwriting, this hashtag is a way to update your readers on your progress, and tease that a new piece of writing will be coming soon.

10) #1K1H

Meaning 1000 words in one hour, this is a fun challenge to publicly issue yourself when your writing pace has slowed.


Offer a link to a sample chapter from an upcoming release or a work-in-progress using this hashtag, a popular way of getting your readers involved in and excited about your writing process.


Held Thursdays at 4pm Eastern Time, #BookMarket is a chat held on Twitter that offers tips and tricks for marketing your books.


Fairly self-explanatory, this hashtag will connect you to fellow memoir writers for a live chat every other Wednesday at 8pm ET.

14) #WANA

Even within the online writing community it’s easy to feel somewhat isolated. That’s why Kristen Lamb started #WANA, the We Are Not Alone community, to create a centralised meeting place for writers to spread love and encouragement.


You are following agents on social media, right? Because #askagent is a great way to get them to notice you; some will actually answer questions that are tagged with this!

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    • Thanks Stacey!

      And Rebecca is right with her comment, there are many more hashtags and online communities to connect writers!

      The Paperblanks® Team

  1. I think you’ve missed out a couple, such as the #ASMSG tag (Authors Social Media Support Group) and #WIPlines (which allows you to post slightly more characters than a very similar one above). I thought the #WANA tag was actually #MyWANA, though? There’s also #ePub and #iartg (for the Indie Authors Retweet group). And not to mention the #ukwriters and #uswriters amongst others.

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Very true – there were simply too many great hashtags for us to include them all! There’s definitely something out there for everyone.
      As for WANA, it seems that both will connect you to the wider community. But you’re right, #MyWANA seems to be the more popular and recommended way to go. Thanks for noticing that!

      The Paperblanks® Team


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