Staff Pick: Kaileigh, Dublin Office

Staff Pick of the Monthis a regular feature where we ask a Paperblanks employee how they contribute to the team, what their favourite Paperblanks book is, and what they use their book for.


Q: What do you do at Paperblanks?

A: My name is Kaileigh and I work in Customer Service supporting the German market in Paperblanks’ Dublin Office.

Q: What is your favourite Paperblanks journal?

A: This year I am using the Filigree Floral Ivory Journal from the Lyon Florals Collection. I lived in Lyon for a while and its history of sumptuous silks which were hand woven in the 19th Century is inspiring to me. I like that by looking at my journal it reminds me of that time.  Also, for scribbling and thoughts I use the Frida Kahlo, A Double Portrait journal from the Embellished Manuscripts Collection.

Q: What is your Paperblanks Journal used for?

A: I use my diary to stay organised by writing down appointments and things I have to do. I also like to include photos of friends and family, flyers and invitations of events I will go to during the year. It’s great to have something like that to look back on and remember.


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  1. Hello, desperately looking for this journal, intensive for few days, format as in your photo (called “ULTRA”), with lined pages, you know help me please? 🙁
    please… 🙁
    answer me on my mail please. thank you..

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