In this busy world we live in, finding time for the things we love to do can be quite a challenge. As many of our fans are so passionate about writing, we asked for some of their best tips for fitting writing into their schedule. Here is a selection of the tips we received from some of our Facebook and Twitter followers.

1. Set A Goal

Give yourself a daily or weekly target of what you want to achieve in that time for your writing. If you have some free time, use it! Five minutes is enough if that is all you have. Heli Kaltiokumpu, one of our Facebook fans, suggests: “Take this time to write down your history, before you can make new history.”

2. Create An Environment Specifically For Writing

Your creativity is influenced by what is around you. To minimize distractions, you should find a quiet writing environment where you feel the most inspired and will hopefully not be disturbed. Ana Nieto explained to us that she sets aside a night once a week where she has the house to herself. She calls it her “big writing night”.

3. Prioritize!

Remind yourself that writing is important to you, therefore you need to dedicate time to it. Like eating or drinking, this is something essential and therapeutic just as writing down your feelings reduces stress and anxiety. Lisa Maria Kossmann says, “As you always manage to get yourself something to eat, you also manage to take the time to write. If you really want to.”

4. Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity

Always have a journal with you in your pocket, your handbag or your schoolbag! You never know when inspiration will come to you so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. As Paivi Haanpaa said “I often write when I’m waiting for something. A class to begin, a train to come, waiting for my tea…”

5. Prevent Writers Block

Time for writing is precious so don’t get stuck! Try to let your writing flow, don’t be too much of a perfectionist as it will slow you down. You should always see your diary/novel as something you would like to read! You will also feel more inspired and productive every time you invest yourself emotionally, so just be yourself!

If you have any tips or thoughts on writing that you would like to share, please let us know.


  1. I would also say: get into the habit of writing, whether it’s daily or just weekends. :Once it’s a habit, it’s much easier and much quicker to do.
    If you don’t have 10 minutes to write on most days, think about changing your life schedule. Sometimes busy-ness is unavoidable, but years worth of no personal time might mean a person needs to lessen their commitments.
    I also like to have a small pocket notebook. It’s a good way to write during work breaks— even in the bathroom!


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