Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Andrei Feheregyhazi: Filmmaker & Artist

I don't know what first inspired me to create, I've always been doing it. But there was a moment that made me realize I had the drive that is necessary to be a full-time artist.

A Peek Inside Kendra’s Scrapbook

Our A Peek Inside... series is made up of articles that take a look inside different people's personal journals in an effort to celebrate...

Keeping a Dream Journal: 5 Steps

Keeping a dream journal involves the routine recording of your dreams for the purposes of reflection and analysis. And not only is it a...

How To Make Collage-Art In A Journal: 5 Steps

After Collage-Artist Virginia Simpson-Magruder was profiled on our blog we received queries from our readers about how to create collages. Here, Virginia explains her...

826 Seattle: Engaging Youth Through Writing

Philanthropy has always been a core part of the Paperblanks company ethos. Our Social Commitment blog series covers the organizations we support who are...

The Paperblanks Journal Prompts App

Hundreds of creative prompt ideas that can be used with your favourite writing journal or sketchbook.