Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Our Designs

Learn the stories behind our designs and get details on new releases.

We are pleased to announce our newest collection of exquisitely designed and finely crafted writing journals. Introducing: Baroque Ventaglio. Our cover displays a rose window surrounded by a design of slight eastern influence, and in each corner a filigree fan...
Our Craftsmanship Standards is a series of articles that take you behind the scenes of Paperblanks. Quality is the single most important part of the design process of our books.
It’s Valentine’s Day, so what better day to spotlight The Lovers series from our Laurel Burch Collection? “…Brilliantly Coloured, Vibrant and Moving Themes…” Laurel Burch (1945-2007) was a self-taught artist and “flower child” who sold handmade jewellery on the streets of...
Our primary concern when selecting paper is that it is environmentally sound, that its opacity is consistently high and that its writing smoothness (how it handles ink) is exceptional.

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