Wednesday, February 1, 2023

People of Paperblanks

Interviews with artists, authors and real-life journallers.

"It’s hard for me to pick just one or even a few best things about the journals, I like the soft feel of the paper while I’m writing and that the ink from my pen doesn’t show through the pages."
In the narrow confines of a life crushed between literary celebrity and societal notoriety, Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900) created some of the wittiest and most acute commentary on British society and manners ever written. With lacerating wit and...
Even though I spend much time working on the internet my passions are very much old-world! I'm fascinated with the Victorian and Edwardian eras and collect antique photographs.
"I’m the author of the Haanta Series: an ongoing, online romantic fantasy series recently published by Red Willow Press. I do have other pursuits, such as singing and being a perpetual reader of classics, but my true passion lies in writing."
"My favourite Paperblanks book is the Back Pocket Mini from the Pocket Companions Collection. I like the rugged look of the cover. Also, I like the round corner format. It fits easily in my back pocket."
"I think people have really wandered away from the art of writing and journaling. Everything is so utilitarian and functional these days and people take little care to spend a little more time or money on beauty."
"I just love the Ougi design from our Japanese Lacquer Boxes Collection. It is so beautiful! I really admire the artist’s attention to detail as well as the beautiful colours."
"Most of my life I have been an artist and designer although I have a degree in liberal arts, not fine arts, and actually did little training for what I ended up doing for a living."
"I’m an Italian writer and painter born in Rome, where I’ve lived my entire life. As a writer, my fascination lies with historical novels and my paintings are inspired by myths, legends and dreams."
"The mysterious aspects of a single person fascinate me and portraiture – the study of faces - is what I specialize in to try to understand how emotions are expressed."