It has been a while since our last Book Art post and it turns out that we have a lot of catching up to do! Instead of profiling just one artist this time, here are three diverse and exciting artists who are doing incredibly unexpected things with books as their medium of choice.

1) Jeremy May

With his Littlefly jewellery line, Jeremy May has created wearable “literary jewels” by transforming book pages into entirely unique rings, bracelets and other fashionable accessories.

Jeremy May Jewellry:
Jeremy May Littlefly Jewellery

2) Thomas Allen

Inspired by pop-up books and his childhood View-Master, Thomas Allen takes pulp fiction paperbacks and mid-century novels and brings the story to the surface, turning them into three-dimensional scenes.

Image and Photograph by Thomas Allen Via: TwisterSifter
Image and Photograph by Thomas Allen
Via: Twister Sifter

3) Long-Bin Chen

East meets West in Long-Bin Chen’s large-scale heads (often depicting Buddha) crafted from old phone books.

BONUS: Brian Dettmer’s TEDTalk

If you’re not sure how you feel about books being carved up in the name of art, watch Brian Dettmer’s TEDTalk for insight into what inspires him as a book artist.

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