After this October, 2014 post we officially moved our long-running “Best of Instagram” series to our Facebook page, but 2015 was such an amazing year for user photos that we wanted to make sure we celebrated them here, too.

Check out our fifteen favourite photos that used the hashtag #paperblanks this past year, and be sure to send us links in the comments if we missed your top pick!

Рукопись #Кафка на обложке #paperblanks #bloknotov #домкниги

A photo posted by Ежедневники, блокноты (@bloknotov) on

The first travel. A photo posted by Bita (@bitasibyl) on

My beautiful writing books❤✏ #paperblanks #writing #books #details #gothic #victorianelf A photo posted by Daeris Lindalëion (@medieval.elf) on

Addicted!!! ❤ A photo posted by Giorgia G! 🐱 (@giorgia.gioia) on

“Crow with Red Sun” (jag är kär) #paperblanks #notebook

A photo posted by Moa Backe (@vindspelet) on

Tea time @royalalbertuk @paperblanks #tea #tea time #royalalbert bert #paperblanks #deco #gastro #drink #summertime

A photo posted by Tamara Vitón (@fashionandbn) on

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