Though it’s been a while since we last published a Paperblanks Traveller post, that doesn’t mean that Paperblanks journals have stopped travelling! Regular blog contributor Robyn took her Ori Ligature with her to Seattle for a weekend, making sure to capture all the highlights in her journal.

About the trip, she writes:


We arrived in Seattle late on a Thursday evening, and immediately went to work planning the weekend. Thankfully, the hotel had a wide selection of maps, so we went through all these tourist guides and made notes about where we wanted to visit over the next couple of days.


By Saturday, my journal was really filling up. Whenever we stopped for a meal we made sure to note down the best parts of the day (usually the food!) and to check what we still had left on our “to-visit” list. As you can see, a highlight so far was running into The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal at an extremely expensive clothing store!


One of my favourite parts about Seattle is the massive ferris wheel down at the waterfront by the Pike Place Market. Of course, it was pouring rain when we visited, but thankfully the carriages of the attraction are covered!


Aside from Starbucks and grunge music, Seattle is known for its amazingly inexpensive happy hours. On our last day in the city, we took refuge from the rain by visiting (more than) a few of these happy hours, finishing up our notes on the weekend in my journal. The Ori Ligature was the ideal travelling notebook, as it fit perfectly in my purse and was readily accessible whenever we needed it. Now, if it would only stop raining…


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