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A foundational part of Paperblanks® and our parent company, Hartley & Marks, is our desire to give back and enrich the world around us. Through our cover and design choices, we celebrate a diverse range of artistic and cultural heritages, and our desire to be a part of this united global community doesn’t end there.

Our Global Citizen Project is one of the ways we are connecting ourselves to others, offering outreach, donations and simple human connection to organisations focusing primarily on environmental sustainability, literacy and education, animal rights, and health and social issues. In the past on the Endpaper Blog we’ve profiled two such organisations that we love working with: SEVA and WriteGirl. While we often make a point to connect with local groups, as well, it wasn’t until last year that we were really able to bring this program home.


We are excited to share that last fall we helped to launch the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society, a community centre in our hometown of Vancouver that offers classes and workshops focusing on empowering both mind and body. Bridge & Enrich (“BE”) is now home to individuals and groups committed to sharing a space with the common objective of enriching lives – the lives of themselves and of the community around them. With “Who am I” as the core question driving BE’s programs, we aim to help people BRIDGE perceived limitations and ENRICH by inspiring thought, intention and action that align with who they truly wish to BE.


We are so pleased to see that Bridge & Enrich’s Weekly and Special Event schedules have quickly filled up, and we can now offer a truly diverse set of programs focusing on our three main tenets: Movement and Vitality, Spiritual Health and Nutrition.


If you’re ever in the Vancouver, Canada area please come visit us and join us for a dance, meditation, yoga or cooking class!

For more information, please visit the BE website at www.bridgeandenrich.com.

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