Here at the Endpaper Blog we make no secret about our passion for the book arts. Even our name is derived from an important piece in bookbinding (the “endpapers” are the interior sheets of paper that connect the covers to the book block pages)! And as much as we love the written word, we’re always inspired when someone finds an entirely new way to use the book as a medium for their artistic expression.

Over the past few years we’ve celebrated numerous artists who have taken “Book Art” to the next level. To keep promoting these incredibly creative individuals, we’ve found five more artists who are turning every day books into one-of-a-kind sculptures.

1) David Kracov

For an award honouring Rabbi Yossi Raichik, the late director of Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl, artist David Kracov created a metal sculpture (okay, this one isn’t technically a book) in the shape of a book. All of the words written within, as well as the butterflies flying out from the pages, are inspired by the many children whom the Rabbi helped following the devastating Chernobyl disaster.

The Book of Life - via The Fun Learning
David Kracov’s Book of Life – via The Fun Learning

2) Thomas Wightman

Thomas Wightman used the metaphor of a train spilling its contents to illustrate the effects that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can have on one’s thoughts.

Thomas Wightman's Derailed Typography Train - via Bit Rebels
Thomas Wightman’s Derailed Typography Train – via Bit Rebels

3) Jodi Harvey-Brown

For artist Jodi Harvey-Brown, the medium truly is the message, as she creates sculpted book tableaus that perfectly capture the original stories’ themes. One of our favourites is her take on Richard Adams’ Tales From Watership Down, the follow up to Adams’ classic adventure novel, Watership Down.

Jodi Harvey-Brown’s Tales From Watership Down – via Jodi-Harvey-Brown’s website

4) Alex Querel

In the age of cell phones and Google searches, the printed phone book is slowly being phased out of many people’s lives. Alex Querel has managed to repurpose this formerly ubiquitous object by turning it into an intricately carved sculpture. We especially appreciate his attention to detail as the portrait that he carves always begins on the page where you find the subject. This Ringo Starr carving goes one step further, as not only is it found on the “Sta” page, but at the “R” section as well!

Alex Querel's Ringo Starr - via The Design Inspiration
Alex Querel’s Ringo Starr – via The Design Inspiration

5) Anonymous

Throughout 2011, the city of Edinburgh, Scotland was lucky enough to experience a series of anonymous book art donations. One such piece is this tea party–inspired piece, which was donated to the Edinburgh Book Festival that year.

Anonymous' Tea Party Book Sculpture - via Inspiration Green
Anonymous Tea Party Book Sculpture – via Inspiration Green

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