Dancing on Ice Russia - (2)

Dancing on Ice Russia - (4)

Dancing on Ice Russia - (7)

We’re consistently amazed and excited by the creative ways people find to use our Paperblanks journals. Sometimes we celebrate these photographs by showcasing them as a Best of Instagram list, Artist Profile or Peek Inside…, but it’s relatively rare that we get to actually show you a video of the journal in use. Check out these shots from a recent episode of the Russian ice dance Channel One television program, “Ice Age”! As you can see, our Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre Embellished Manuscript was featured prominently as a prop in one couple’s routine.

“Ice Age” is like “Dancing With the Stars,” but with figure skating instead of ballroom dancing. Seen on the ice are Anita Tsoy (Анита Цой), a popular Russian singer-songwriter, and her professional partner for the competition, former World Champion pairs skater Alexei Tikhonov (Алексей Тихонов). Skating to Evanescence’s “My Immortal,” the performers use the journal to tell the story of two star-crossed lovers. And not only do the skaters use the book, but the TV competition’s host couldn’t help but admire it, himself!

Dancing on Ice Russia - (9)
Dancing on Ice Russia - (12)
Dancing on Ice Russia - (14)

Watch Anita and Alexei’s whole routine (and behind-the-scenes footage) below, and don’t forget to let us know when you spot Paperblanks on the small (or big!) screen.

About Paperblanks: At Paperblanks, we believe that art should have a place in all aspects of life. That’s why we follow the artist’s way in everything we do – creating, crafting and releasing designs we believe have the power to touch people. For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at paperblanks.com.


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